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Download : พื้นฐานภาษาจีน (ฉบับภาษาไทย):

                   Modern Easy Chinese:

                   VOCABULARY AND CHINESE CHARACTERS FOR USE WITH COMMON ENTRANCE SYLLABUS :                                                   New Practical Chinese Reader


                   Learn Chinese Characters :

                  Chinese Grammar for Beginners-HSK1

                 Chinese Grammar for Beginners-HSK2   

                 Mandarin Chinese For Beginer

                 Comprehensive Chinese Grammarhttp://

                500 Chinese Sentences : 

                Elementary Chinese 1977

                Booklet 1 in PDF: 50 easy Chinese characters (+ 35 others)

                Booklet 2 in PDF: 50 next Chinese characters (+ 35 others) :

                Chinese Characters Dictionary :

                Chinese Essential Grammar

                A Grammar of Mandarin Chinese

                Elementary Chinese Textbook

                An Introducion Mandarin Chinese Grammar



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